Reggie Bradley Smith (Keys-Organ-Vocals):

Reginald Bradley Smith started playing piano in 1987, a good year for Estate Cabernets and Paul Simon’s Graceland. A short time later he discovered the mighty Hammond B3 Organ and has been in search of the perfect tone ever since. He will never find it. Besides being a full time Love Cannon Reg enjoys woodworking, his lovely wife Brittney, his kids and a good beer after a day of working in the yard. He can also quote The Big Lebowski better than you.

Travis Bettis (Guitar):

Travis was born at a very young age in Houston, Texas. Raised in the blues scene, he developed a love for blues and soul . He flies coach with the common folk around the world to entertain with six strings, except sometimes goes with business select on Southwest Airlines. Knobs right!

Donnie Marple (Drums):

Donnie started playing drums at the age of three, and never having a lesson, was considered a prodigy due to the way he matured while seated behind a drum kit (a trait that has never occurred anywhere else). After winning several musical awards in middle school, high school, and college, he entered the world’s largest drum competition called Guitar Center Drum Off, where he was crowned champion on January 4, 2008. Winning Drum Off inspired Donnie to move to Nashville where, after four years of nonstop playing with local musicians and demo sessions, he got his gig with country star Lee Brice as a member of the legendary Love Cannons. Donnie brings solid feel, soul, and drive to this powerhouse act while maintaining a unique musical flow in live and studio settings and continually inspires drummers worldwide.

Paul Ripper (Bass):

Paul started playing bass at a young age for two primary reasons. First, of course, is it’s bad ass and two, well, like previously stated it’s bad ass. He grew up in Florida and studied music briefly at Berklee College of Music in Boston before dropping out to become a doctor where, once enrolled, he again quickly dropped out to become a musician – life is full of vicious circles. Shortly thereafter he was signed with a rock band which brought him to Nashville to record with the legendary producer Michael Wagener. Since relocating full time to Nashville in 2003 Paul has recorded and toured with an impressive list of major artists and been a long standing member of the Love Cannons since 2008. For all things Paul Rippee swing over to and check him out.

Michael Gray (Percussion-Vocals):

Michael was born with drumsticks in his hands. From an early age his energetic performances have wowed audiences. Musically, he is driven by his own natural ability to both read and play music. His formal training was derived through school and pure ambition which he has used to forge his own musical style. Michael is deep rooted in country however he also has a strong liking to southern rock and draws from its diversity to add to his own brand of talent. He is a founding member of the Love Cannons and loves to Golf, watch the weather channel, can’t sit still, and one day aspires to be Amish. He enjoys his days off with his awesome wife Dawne.

Note: We don’t believe the rumors about Wayne being in the Witness Protection Program but we can’t be too sure so here’s is Wayne’s desk instead of a mug shot.

Wayne Pauley (Lord of The Board):

Wayne Pauley took the scenic route to his award-winning career in sound.  After slugging it out for almost a decade in the LA rock scene, Pauley landed in Nashville in 95 where, within 8 hours of arriving, Pauley was running monitors for Keith Urban’s band 4 Wheel Drive.  From there Wayne moved onto being the Front of House Engineer for Sawyer Brown,  Jars of Clay, Trisha Yearwood, NBC’s Nashville Star, Celtic Woman, American Idol’s Bo Bice, Nikka Costa, and countless other acts before joining Lee Brice. Wayne has toured every state in the US (many times over), most of Europe, Australia, Japan,  and “parts unknown”. He has been featured in nearly all audio publications including Pro Sound News (July ’08 cover), Mix Magazine, Live Sound International, AvNetwork, and Premier Guitar (to name a few).

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